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A Public Service Announcement

On behalf of blog favorite Luke Schenn, Pension Plan Puppets is proud to present this public service announcement. This announcement is brought to you thanks to our proud sponsor PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries and Puppy Sitting Service LLC.

Being the saviour of an original six franchise isn't all fun and games. Sure from time to time you get to do fun things like crush Evgeni Malkin and then punch some kid so hard he has his name removed from public conciousness out of respect for the dead, but there are downsides too.

Do you have trouble taking a shower? Have you ever jumped off a diving board and crashed headfirst into the top surface of the pool? If so you might be me, Luke Schenn. You all thought it was a funny joke that I can walk on water but it's true and it has devastating consequences. The water slides at Six Flags are a terrifying experiment that I'd never like to try again.

As a rookie last year it was my job to fill water bottles before games. I had to be reassigned when Jason Blake realized that every bottle turned out to be filled with Merlot. I've always been more of a Cabernet Sauvignon guy and most of the rest of the team prefers a nice chardonnay which meant my job had to be given to some guy who wore #12 whose name I can't recall.

At the end of the day I'm happy to be what I am, but just remember this lesson the next time you're reading blogs at work and wishing you were a sports hero that sometimes it's not all fun and games. This is Luke Schenn reminding you to keep your head up or I'll hit you.