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I Make Goal Scores for Leafs

Grabovski contemplates the unjust world of man.
Grabovski contemplates the unjust world of man.

I got an email this morning from Mikhail Grabovski who had some concerns he wanted to air on the blog. Without further ado; take it away Mickey! - Chemmy

Today I read sporting article and not believe the eyes! Mr. Ronguillet wonder if Mikhail could be number one center for glorious Leafs team! Mikhail is here to tell all of you peoples that he is definitely number one center for hockey club allow to explain.

First, Mikhail work very hard in NHL. In high school Mikhail have job in Belarus working at farm used to grow rocks and dirt. Mikhail did not like job at farm. Mikhail passed time digging for rock by wondering if he ever find a pineapple in ground. On Belarus comedy tv always pineapples everywhere people are eating and laughing. Mikhail always think pineapple look very tasty but never dig one up. Only rocks and one time a turnip that was confiscated by local police. When Mikhail get first indoor living apartment he buy pineapple and hates it. Tastes like time he slept face down on a bed of poison ivy so ever since Mikhail stab pineapples. Very sad day for Mikhail.

Second, Mikhail have excellent hockey skills. If you doubt Mikhail's hockey skills you only have to watch Belarus Most Bestest Athletes on Belarus TV Channel 1 every night at 8:00 Belarus time (Ed note: 6:38AM EST from Monday to Thursday, on Friday it's 8:62PM and on the weekends it's best to just wait until Monday again.) to see all of Mikhail's famous hockey plays. Mikhail develop excellent hockey skills trying to steal back prized turnip with a tree branch. At first angry police men yell at Mikhail and hit him with their shoes but then realize Mikhail excellent as using stick and Mikhail gets to play hockey. No problem learning how to skate in Belarus ground always covered in ice you skate everywhere.

Finally, Mikhail have good chance at success because of visor on helmet. Mikhail take eye protection much seriously unlike other jerk center Matt Stajan who not wear visor while playing soccer before games. Mikhail wears visor even when sleeping at night which saved the eyes one time when remote control was left in bed and someone change channel causing invisible lasers to come out of remote. Very smart move.

To conclude Mikhail score lots of goals and make excellent goal celebrations for sure.