Dany Heatley speaks -Reading between the lines

When I signed in Ottawa two years ago, I felt it was to be an integral part of the team (I WAS the team, Spezza couldn't carry my Jockstrap - kept dropping it behind him, and Alfie still has post traumatic Bell Disorder.)  Over the last two years and more recently over the past year, I feel my role was diminished.(Everyone stopped bowing to me!) This past season, it diminished a lot more.(They told me I couldn't fire any more coaches!  My agent told me it really wasn't in my contract... what the hell??)

This is a straight hockey decision.(I'm not getting what I want, and it's sure as hell not about the money - Cha Ching!) I have nothing against the fans of Ottawa(If you can call these wishy washy bandwagoners fans), or the city of Ottawa(But I hate KANATA - who puts a Hockey stadium in the middle of buttfuck nowhere?). I would like the opportunity to go somewhere where I can play to the best of my capabilities and be the player that I can be(I need to play somewhere that lets me do whatever the hell I want).

I have a contract, and if I'm still a Senator at training camp time, I'll be ready to go(I'll play hard, until the Olympic Team is named - after that I'm going to hang out with Kovalev on the opposing blue line). But at the same time, I think we know that there are other teams out there that are interested, and hopefully something can get done(Two time 50 goal scorer -TWO TIMES - come on I am better then EVERYONE!!!).

It has nothing to do with Edmonton(I'd rather play in the KHL).  It has everything to do with the options(ME, ME ME ME ME ME!). To this date there has only been one option, and I know that there are other teams out there(Yup, because I have played in their arenas). I don't feel I can make the right decision until there are a few options and I can make the right decision for my career(Why the hell isn't everyone after me? Most points in International Play... Thats right, more than Gretzky: Chump - Lemieux: Overrated.  MOST!!! That means BEST!).

I regret the way it has been this summer(I missed out on a good buffet at Spetz's wedding), and it hasn't been fair - especially to Edmonton and Ottawa(but mostly to me). But that's the way it went(which is fine, because it is all about me - and my agents agree with me).

I love the fans in Ottawa(Well, mostly the women - usually for one night). I think it's a great city(Hahahahaha!), and that's why I signed long-term there(They backed a dumptruck full of money onto my lawn).  I didn't speak until now because there's a process that has to take place(Watching Brian go off like a sprinkler was very funny), and in all fairness to Ottawa and the other teams involved, I didn't feel it was necessary or purposeful to come out publicly and create more of a circus than it already was(I'm the ringleader, bitches!).

It's unfortunate that it became public, because that is not what I wanted(Fuck you, Senators!). is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of