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No Frills Links

Presented without gilding the lily:

And here's your special outrage of the day: Phil Schlenker is apparently a Leafs fan but he doubts that the '93 Leafs would have beat the Montreal Canadiens. What bothers me about the so-called Leafs fans that seek to dump on their compatriots for believing that the Leafs had a great chance to beat the Habs is when they say "How could a team that lost to the Kings in 7 games beat a team that beat the Kings in 5 games?!?"

It almost looks like solid logic until you remember that the Habs were one Marty McSorley shift away from going to Los Angeles down 2-0. Or that they needed three overtime wins to win the series. They didn't quite walk over the Kings but why let that get in the way of trying to raise yourself above the riff raff?

Anyway, as always, if I missed any links please toss them in the comments.