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Francois Beauchemin And Team Canada

England Regain The Ashes!
England Regain The Ashes!

Editor's Note: Our good friend Blurr1974 is taking a hiatus until the season starts in the interim I will be ever present once again. If you have a blog or any links e-mail them to me by 11pm for inclusion in the next day's FTB and to ensure that you're in my Google Reader.

First off, a hearty tip of a baggy green cap to the motherland as the Lions roared at The Oval to claim a 197 victory over Australia. In the process they reclaimed The Ashes two years after being whitewashed 5-0 down under and four years after ending a 16 year drought.  Mattblack likely had to take the day off in order to celebrate and I wish I could get cricket on tv.

To make up for my sadness I'll have to check out some links:

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