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Peter Zezel And Witty Rejoinders

Every once in a while I'll get e-mails asking for links to random websites, ads to gambling sites, an angry Habs fan (this'll come out later), and sometimes pictures. Nothing scandalous, unfortunately, but I wanted to share these two sets.

The first come from who came down to the draft with Say *plan the parade one more time*... In response to the widespread booing of Brian Burke when he approached the podium to announce the Leafs' selection of Nazem Kadri he created this t-shirt:

Draft_shirt_2_medium Draft_shirt_1_medium

The other set come courtesy of yerry.take who, on the post discussing the passing of Peter Zezel, recalled being a 13 autograph hound desperate for a special memento. Turns out that not only did he get it but he's still got it!

Zezel_stick_1_medium Zezel_stick_2_medium Zezel_stick_3_medium

Here's what he had to say:

Attached to this email are pics of that stick that I found today buried in my parents garage. I searched and searched back in May for it and was resigned at the apparent fact that it was thrown out years before. You can imagine my delight when i spotted it up in the rafters this afternoon!
So for whatever reason but for some nostalgic kicks and or maybe a confirmation of its legitimacy, I'm emailing this pics to you guys.
Enjoy! And long live #25 in Leaf Lore.

So if you've got interesting pictures, links, tips, or any interesting stories feel free to send them in. Hopefully we can do more of these.