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The Burkies


Presenting your Brian Burke Awards for Verbal Excellence from the esteemed comments. Always remember it's just an honor to be nominated. How do comments make the Burkie cut? You use that rec button to mark funny and insightful comments. Let's punch it.

In a somewhat chronological order:

We here at PPP believe in nicknames. Take it away kidkawartha:

Did we just coin Orr’s new nickname? Darth Maul.

This one started here, and led to a drunken Eyebleaf declaring:

Do you guys want to fight me? Is that what it’s going to come down to?

Kyle Wellwood jokes are a near guarantee to secure a Burkie. This week's winner is jrwendleman:

Well, if the move is "larger" and Vancouver is involved, I assume Kyle Wellwood is being winched aboard the C-130 to Toronto right now.

JaredFromLondon being well....Jared:

the seagalosphere would argue, but it went straighttovideosphere

This one might have been rec'd because I made threats. And not the hollow kind either. Thanks furcifer:



Kyle Wellwood got a raise and we got more material for jokes.


Five Hundred….
Five Hundred Footlongs.

Say *plan the parade one more time*...

$2500? I’m a millionaire! Go Flyers!

Down Goes Brown on Kyle Wellwood's $2,500 raise:

Apparently salary cap space is the only thing Kyle Wellwood won’t be eating up.

The General outdoes himself with puns while helping blurr put a pretty funny incident behind us:

You got a lot of balls, blurr. I like the way you stand up tall and proud, but don’t get too cocky. There’s always someone waiting to give you the shaft if you don’t measure up. It gets hard sometimes, but don’t sweat the small stuff and hopefully you won’t be on the wrong end of the stick.

The Burkies are presented every Monday.