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Three Out of Four Maple Leafs Agree...'s definitely Monday.  In case you were wondering, the fourth Leaf in the poll was Mike Van Ryn, and it's quite possible he said it was Monday as well, but he's currently in a full body cast after a mishap with a cotton ball.  He mumbled something, that's for certain.

I spent all day Sunday at the beach.  So, your music Monday will be back next week.  I'm burnt to a crisp.


I may or may not (may) have sunburned my feet.  So, links?

  • Loser Domi transcribed another Leafs chat.  I submit for your review, the new term for "mancrush" is "BurkeBack_Mountain."
  • JaredFromLondon is doing his best Eklund impression (e5) but with less fairy dust and unicorns.
  • MLHS has a pair of links for your perusal: the Zherdev discussion and some point predictions.
  • Since we're tossing around rumors and pipe dreams, Puck Daddy takes a gander at Kovalchuk's future in Atlanta.
  • The Hockey Writers bring back the 3 point game issue. I know it will never happen, but I'd personally prefer a system much like MLB's "games back" approach.  Would it work?  I don't know...