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Stop! Collaborate and Listen

blurr is back with the same old crap. 

I know, it doesn't rhyme.  Thanks to my west coast amigo (amigette?) WAC, I've had horrible early 90s rap songs stuck in my head all day.  Thankfully, I own all of Run DMCs catalog (Peter Piper is still a personal fav of mine) and much of Public Enemy.  So, why didn't I quote something of theirs you ask...?

It's because I rock the mic like a vandal.


To the links!

  • Dr. Steve would like you to meet Rickard Wallin. (Everyone in unison) - "Hi Rickard!"
  • Bitter Leaf channels his inner Dude and finds that even an article in the Star can't really tie a room together.
  • TML Nation takes us inside the Leafs' weight room where we learn hockey is not a goal scoring competition.
  • Vintage Leafs continues to bring the good stuff with pics of Borje Salming and Darryl Sittler rocking a great head of hockey hair.
  • TSM takes a gander at the recent Craig Button quotes from "Leafs AbomiNation" and leaves me wondering: if JFJ were sitting alone in an empty room, would he still be crazy for thinking he's the smartest one in there?
  • MLHS has more on the ongoing, unending, unkillable zombie story of Jim Ballsille and the Hamilton Coyotes. Did the Leafs, and the league, violate antitrust laws? I'm sure there will be more and more (and more) on this in the weeks ahead.
  • And speaking of the unkillable story, it has now come to light that the league has made a court filing regarding the matter of whether or not the Leafs have veto power in regards to a team setting up shop in their territory. It's silly really, as the Leafs "territory" is at minimum, planet Earth.
  • Always a fun exercise, TML Fan Fury points out all the woulda, coulda, shouldas of Leaf past.
  • The Hockey Writers takes a closer look at Beauchemin's recent participation in a Team Canada Red & White scrimmage game. The long and short of it: Happy Trails does not look a bit out of place with (and against) the bigger names on Team Canada.
  • Lost in the molasses haze of Jason Allison's Leafs try out are the reasons for it in the first place.
  • Ever wonder :what if the league were still an "original six?" How stacked would the teams be? This article takes a swing at it, and I must admit, it's hard to not like any of the teams rosters...