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Thursday Gets In the Way of Friday

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Thursday has never been a good day for me. Given the plethora of crappy days i've had lately, some kind of Leaf news would be a welcome reprieve (hint hint Mr. Burke!)


  • In case you missed it, DGB has his take on the fair and balanced Kerry Fraser interview.
  • The general has a nice fridge and a thing for vikings.
  • TSM has some thoughts up on the recent revelations regarding the Phoenix Coyotes sale.
  • TML Central gets us up to date on the fermenting of Joel Champagne.
  • Something that I can see impacting other leagues and sports channels; select NFL teams and ESPN have implemented anti-Twitter policies. I also found a rather impassioned plea for the media to realize this is the wrong path to go down. Be sure to keep your eye on this situation as it could have far reaching implications on all the pro leagues.