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Godd Is Risen (and he's brought some friends!)

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Finally, the originators of Cox Bloc have returned to the internet and they've add a touch of Bitter to the mix! As of today, Zambonic Youth is your newest stop on the interwebs. What will you be getting from the site? Nothing that made Cox Bloc a must read. No skewering of self-important columnists, no humourous looks at the left coast's inferiority complex, and no 80s wrestling references. Actually, there is no way they'll be able to resist.

In order to placate the masses they've brought on another writer that shares their love of bands that you've never heard of in your life. You all know and appreciate MF37 from Bitter Leaf Fan and he's graciously added his gravitas to the venture. I've been promised that the the trio of posters have come upon a schedule and an approach to work-sharing that will overcome their individual apathy and stifled creativity. Having read their pieces in the Maple Leafs Annual I am looking forward to reading what revitalised writers can put together when they aren't self-pigeonholed into media criticism and the Leafs.

After pouring some out in Montreal over their untimely demise they have finally resurrected their interest in writing and it only took 79 more days than last time.  When Till gave me the news and asked me to keep it quiet I had no idea how long I had to keep the secret. When I pointed out that the three amigos were the Guns 'n Roses of the Barilkosphere MF37 suggested naming the site Chinese Blogocracy. Godd Till then said that I was the "insert obscure artist" of the Barilkosphere. I can't remember them all but I assume that they were all compliments. 

Actually, when Kim e-mailed me to let me know that the site was finally ready the exchange led to MF37 thinking that they were "the Prism of the Barilkosphere with Godd and Kim as Jim Vallance and Bruce Fairbairn and I'm the first of the 154 other guys that were in the band", Kim's musical knowledge was too pure to understand my jibe that they were like 98 Degrees, and Godd called me the guy from Styx which is great because everyone knows that Styx is the greatest band in the world and they only got a bad rep because most critics are cynical assholes and now they're writing a new blog!

Anyway, head on over and check out the new digs. The long delay was clearly because they needed to get the colouring on the site header just right.