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Post-Game Instant Reaction: Maple Leafs 4 Flyers 0

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Oh yeah, light up that cigarette because that game was goooood. How good? Let me count the ways:

  1. Leafs rack up the shutout
  2. Nazem Kadri gets his first goal at the kind of NHL level
  3. The penalty kill was perfect
  4. Ponikarovsky and Kulemin woke up in the third
  5. Grabovski survived
  6. Four fights and the Leafs won 3 of them
  7. Loud crowd at the John Labatt Centre
  8. From DGB "Last year, an angry Daniel Carcillo would have had the Leafs looking away. This year, they were egging him on. Truculence."

What did you guys like most from the game?