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Philadelphia Flyers @ Toronto Maple Leafs - Post Game Instant Reaction

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Shenanigans abounded.  Daniel Carcillo continues his audition for "most hated opponent not wearing a Sens or Habs jersey" and Colton Orr and Garnett Exelby gave the Flyers a taste of truculence.  Even Jason Allison had a truculent moment, breaking the helmet of a Flyer.

It seemed to be a closer to NHL ready roster on the Flyers (Daniel Briere, Mike Richards, Scott Hartnell, Chris Pronger, Braydon Coburn, Ray Emery and more big names all dressed for the Flyers) while the Leafs were still a bit of a mish-mash on the forward lines.The Leafs blue line however looked to be what we should get used to for the upcoming season.

Matt Stajan had a great game, giving the #14 faithful more fuel for their pro-Matty desires.  Mike Komisarek gave us a sneak peek of what we might be able to expect from his fists.  Nazem Kadri tries his best to make Wilson and Burke's decision on his immediate future a tough one.  Meanwhile, Vesa Toskala continues to befuddle...I mean, fine tune and warm up.  Ya that's it.  Oh, and Niklas Hagman continues to be awesome.

How did the Leafs do?  Who were the stand outs for you?  Have your say in the comments.