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Luke Schenn Welcomes You to Philthy Phil's Place!

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This is how much Luke Schenn loves Phil Kessel.  That's his sexy face...

Hi folks, I'm Luke Schenn and I want to welcome you to the new and improved PPP, or Philthy Phil's Place.  We've even got our own theme song!  Phil is the newest addition to the Leafs, and I for one can't be happier.  Now, instead of just crushing guys on the ice to improve our chances of winning, I can crush them for fun, knowing Phil is piling pucks up in the other teams net.  So, in a sense, we all win.

I've heard rumors of malcontents spreading their anti-Phil messages through voodoo, witchcraft and statistical analysis.  Let it be known that I, Luke Schenn, am impervious to such slanderous thoughts.  And besides, I've heard all the knocks about his playing "soft."  With me around, who really cares if he hits anybody?  Remember, I do this for a living.

Thanks for stopping in.  Now I'm going to hand it over to the always...blurry(?) blurr1974 to kick off this debut Philthy FTB:

  • Over at Heroes In Rehab, if you're lucky, and jrwendleman sees you pick up a copy of the Maple Leafs Annual, he'll buy you a copy of it himself.  All in celebration of the new and improved PPP!  (Offer void in Canada, the US, and all points north of Antarctica or anywhere the Maple Leafs Annual is or is not sold.)
  • The always astute eyebleaf believes in Philthy Phil's Place and it's grand opening so much, he went on a 33 hour bender to celebrate.
  • Kohma gets his hands on Brian Burke's blueprints and heroically does not leave a single ring shaped coffee stain on them.
  • In honor of Philthy Phil's Place, MLHS profiles the newest Leaf, Phil Kessel, and comes to the determination that he isn't winning any hardest hitter competitions.  (Hi again, Luke Schenn here, remember what I said about hitting?)  They also try to put together a roster, and suggest a few more cuts that should be made.
  • The Frozen Leafs weigh in on Phil Kessel as well, submitting that Burke was planning for just such a situation by shedding salary at the deadline.  There's foresight, and then there's genius...
  • TSM fills us up on Kessel's last days as a Bruin, the sea change Burke has accomplished in 6 quick months and the joke that is the NHLPA.
  • Lastly, the Good Point interviews a stunningly handsome genius (and modest to!) about the current leadership void on the Leafs.  If you click on only one link, make it this one!