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Mikhail Grabovski Welcomes to You, Place of Philthy Phil!

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Mikhail Grabovski likes new Leaf Phil Kessel so much, he killed the Bruins mascot.  Waka-waka!

Hi-lo every persons.  I, Mikhail Grabovski am welcoming you to join me very much at new, better PPP!  At old PPP, much joking about pineapples, but at new Place of Philthy Phil, pineapples serious business.  Now we make the end plans for the apples from pine.  Now they know how it feels...

Where was we?  Yes!  Place of Philthy Phil wonderful and joyous celebrations!  Come and join me.  I killed bear for party!  What you brings?  You can't come to parties without empty handedness.  I ask blurr1974 explain for me to you now.

Yes, the celebration continues as we ring in the new and improved PPP.  Thanks to our guest Mikhail for setting the tone to today's FTB.  Like wise men bringing frankincense and myrrh, so to does the Barilkosphere bring gifts for Phil Kessel:

  • The first gift of the evening, a future set up man for Phil Kessel in one Nazem Kadri.  The Nazdaq makes the highlight reel on eyebleaf's Sports and the City, yet I can't help but notice something else in the clip. Did you see that smile on Kabby's face? He's back. I feel warm and fuzzy...
  • Secondly, the general gives a gift of goaltending with his number one goalie tandem in a top twelve countdown.
  • Over on Zambonic Youth, mf37 is back to reading books and then spoiling the endings for us.  However, he still keeps his day job and gives us a gift of roster cuts and some ideas on who Phil can expect to be playing with.
  • LD brings the gift of love.  Part three in her hard hitting expose: "Why I ♥ Hockey."
  • Dr. Steve gives a gift of expected coaching improvements, as he applies some of that new fangled maths he's such a fan of.
  • TSM, not wanting to show up empty handed, goes searching for bargain centers and aged warhorses but comes up with bupkis.  Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?
  • A new season brings new blood, as the TrucuLeafs are the new bouncing baby blog of joy for the Bairlkosphere, bringing a gift of new hope!
  • Not one to leave a dead horse unbeaten, MLHS picks over the carcas of the Phil Kessel trade. I kid, I kid. Actually, a great read (seriously) from Alec on the specific details of how the Kessel trade came to light.  Also, in a heretofore yet unheard of approach, he brings a gift of looking to how Kessel will fit in with the rest of the Leafs youth, rather than looking at the trade within a silo. Crazy stuff.
  • Your pal and mine, WAC sent me this link to the Canadian Vs. the Yanks blog post about the selection of their favorite East Coast team, and in the process, brings a gift of new fans!
  • TML Central brings a gift of defense and goaltending performances so far this pre-season.
  • Checking From Behind tries to stand out, and gives us a morbid gift: the death of Tank Nation.  Too bad they were 49 minutes late to the party, as 1967ers already gave the same gift.
  • ESPN's PLB (they are the Worldwide Leader in Acronyms...) gives a gift of goals.  Not the ones that go in the net (Phil has PLENTY of those already) but a team goal, if you will.
  • Lastly, THN's Jay Feaster crashes the party with a bottle of Boone's and a cheesy card.  On the inside he inscribed:  "Phil - Brian Burke is not a moron like this guy."