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Pens at Leafs: The Reckoning

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That up there doesn't look good at all. I hope someone attended that guy's funeral. Anyhow, this is your gamethread for tonight's preseason game against the other team from Pennsylvania. Let's hope the Leafs keep up their strong play and violently assault Pittsburgh with awesome.

For those of you outside Leafs territory waiting for Center Ice to start carrying these games tonight's action will be on the NHL Network in HD in the US, and here are some streams. The gamethreads have been great so far, lots of hockey talking and no Jaredoflondon ruining the whole thing so let's keep that going. Anyone who clutters up our gamethread with nonsense will receive a beating that would make Schenn - Kennedy look like consensual, erm, nevermind. Just post about hockey and post things that are worth reading. Also, rec comments that are worth reading in hindsight so people can catch up quickly.

Opposing coverage (boooooo) on SBN's Pensburgh and at the Pensblog.