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The Sound of 1967

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If Leaf fans had known it would be who knows how long (42 and counting) until the next Stanley Cup victory, how much crazier do you think they would have reacted?  Would Toronto as a city/postal code even exist today?  How many folks would have checked out on hockey all together, knowing that might have been their last time seeing the Buds with Lord Stanley's chalice?



These are the questions I ask myself as I sift through millions of zeros and ones searching for the links.  As they say though, it's all about the quality.

Speaking of sounds, been listening to these guys a whole bunch.  Good stuff, great music to chill out on the patio with and sip a tall frosty beverage, such as a glass of ice water.  Enjoy.


The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound (via sideonedummyrecords)

So, what'd I miss?  Toss it in the comments if you've got something.