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My Backpack's Got Jets, I'm Boba the Fett

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Lazy Sunday link action. There's a bit of swearing, just so you know.

Your non hockey link: Get your nerd on with Kotaku's PAX coverage. What is PAX? It's Penny Arcade Expo. Tycho and Gabe of the cult web comic Penny Arcade put on a great gamer con, and I'm truly crushed I didn't make it this year. PAX explodes in size every year, with a fantastic line up of panels, geeky music and game debuts. It's a nerd mecca tucked into the pacific northwest where geeks from all walks of life converge for three days and try to score as much free stuff from merch booths as possible. I could talk forever about PAX...

Hit me with what I missed in the comments and tell me your favorite game/console.