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Utterly Ridiculous

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This relates to nothing. 


I am sorry darlings, you're still suffering through my reign of terror. What a terrible Sunday that was. No True Blood and Mad Men was lacking in the Joan Holloway department. But today there is a Golden Girls marathon on Hallmark. What do we have to look forward to this week on television? The series premiere of Glee on Wednesday and season five of Supernatural on Thursday. Oh yes, hockey business. It's starting to come back. I have links:

Your non hockey link: EFF YEAH 1990s. Come one, come all. Let's revisit this magical decade which gave us torn jeans and flannel, Tamagotchis, Maculay Culkin and Spice World.

Top five random hockey or pop culture things that make you think of the 90s?

Hit me with what I missed in the comments.