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Pension Plan Puppets and Down Goes Brown Unite

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CT and Forklift from Hockee Night were kind enough to invite me back on to their Puckcast. They also had the foresight to invite Down Goes Brown into the 'studio'. Good thing too because reception was spotty at best on my end while we navigated the back roads on our return to the PPP homestead from NYC. You can tell when we got to the driveway because I actually start talking. Hockey's great mysteries are answered:

  1. Who would eat more hot dogs? Kyle Wellwood or the bear that beat Kobayashi.
  2. How many "Kyle Wellwood is fat" jokes could be made in a row?
  3. What was the great moustache for moustache trade in hockey history?
  4. Which one of us can get the most irate, illiterate e-mails from residents of Hamilton, ON?
  5. Which pair of hockey fans would tell the most jokes that fell flat? Thank God DGB was on my side.
  6. What will happen if Jonas Gustavsson doesn't pan out?
  7. How worried was DGB about the potential tangents considering my last visit went from Hawks to Leafs to MJ's death to Patrick Kane's babyface and finally to Sigfried and Roy jokes? Hint: Very.

So sit back, relax, and try to stifle your laughter as you listen to 90 minutes of rollicking, informative hilarity.