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Please Welcome Your New FTB Overlords

SkinnyFish in the flesh!
SkinnyFish in the flesh!

With the departure of Blurr from the ranks of Princesses it left a massive gap in the operations of PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries and Kitten Ranch. We received approximately 100 applications for this most prestigious of positions and wittled it down to two. Actually, it's only one right now since technically I haven't heard from the second but this can be a great surprise for them!

Anyway, that blurry fellow (hmmm interesting) is SkinnyFish the official photographer of the PPP Draft Trip and chronicler of the PPP Phantasy Puck. He is a reformed Red Wings fan through the sheer willpower of the community here and Chemmy's daily threats of physical violence. Consider it a good kind of Stockholm Syndrome.

The second is the woman that was so full of Grievances before Christmas and I think may have been the first person to ever comment on Pension Plan Puppets back when it was on blogspot. She also helps keep our geographical diversity.

So please give them a hardy welcome. Also, in order to make sure that they have the most up to date Google Reader possible everyone should e-mail me their URL.

Onto the links and if you've forgotten any please drop them in the comments.

Worst Penalty-Killing Teams since 1963 - Behind The Net
Just how bad is the Toronto Maple Leafs' penalty-killing? Get that noose ready!

Examining the Options : Maple Leafs Hot Stove
Who's might want to make some moves and the Tomas Kaberle talk heats up. Spoiler Alert: Nothing big's gonna happen.

Norman James Sports: Not bad
The London Knights are making some big moves and Norman James is impressed. Could Kadri be next?

Sunday Maple Leaf Thoughts | Toronto Sports Media Blog
TSM hates Larry Brooks. Can't say that I blame him.

The Versus [drinking] Game of the week - Barry Melrose Rocks
Do you get Versus? Do you like to drink? Then this post is for you!

Sens hold players-only meeting after latest loss - Ian Mendes
Down Goes Brown's friend (how do you feel about voting for him NOW traitors?) talks to Pascal Leclaire. Of course he doesn't want any finger pointing. He might lose an eye!

KHL hands out fines, suspensions for brawl; Jagr reacts - Puck Daddy
Even the KHL has goons! Jagr reacts to getting his mullet toussled.

Sharks Practice Looks Familiar | Working the Corners
Funny that when Ron Wilson held the same kind of practice it caused some reporters to scratch their heads.

MHH's Top Commenters! - Mile High Hockey
Our version is coming at 10am. Tune in to see if you cracked any top 10s.

The Hockey Writers | Please Help Find A Cure For An Empty Trophy Case 
Mike Moore pulls together all of his cliche-writing abilities to churn out the kind of "blame Leafs fans" article that warms Working Class Howard's heart. Of course, it comes from a guy that openly states that he supports the best team.