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Should Burke Be Accountable For This?

After losing to Carolina on Tuesday the Leafs actually look worse than their 29th place record indicates. The power play stinks and the penalty kill is worse.

Our goalies can't save anything and our forwards can't score.

Brian Burke built this team and it's about time he be held accoutable: this team is worse than last year's team. Something needs to be done about it.

Wait hold on, I thought we could handle a rebuild? We're the fans that have spent time saying "rebuild the Leafs, we'll suffer if it means we'll be better in the future". So why is everyone losing their mind right now? Did anyone really think we'd do anything more than maybe squeak into the playoffs if we played our cards right?

I know people are upset about the Kessel deal, I think the timing might be wrong personally, but Burke understands what he gave up. If Burke thinks Kessel is a better player than Taylor Hall and whoever we could draft next year then the deal makes sense period.

You can't can a GM for one bad season. These moves take a long time to develop. Evaluating bringing in Kessel or shipping out Tlusty can't be done objectively for years. If Burke got fired now and another GM came in do you fire him in a year when the Leafs aren't in the playoffs? Do you keep firing GMs every year until one stiff gets lucky and his three or four predecessors made good moves that benefit the new guy? This doesn't make any sense.

Bottom line is this is a rebuilding team. This team is going to be horrible. Next year's team is going to be horrible. Our GM is grabbing the pieces that he wants and waiting to grab the pieces that he needs. Let's have a little patience Leafs Nation, as we've all learned if your team doesn't win the Cup the season was an unmitigated disaster. We weren't going to win the Cup this year under any circumstances and that's true for next year too. This is what cheering for a rebuilding team looks like. Relax.

ps. Toskala still sucks and I hate him personally.