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Let's All Laugh At Philadelphia

Editor's Note: Writing Negative Nancy Notebooks isn't as much fun when the Maple Leafs are having a terrible season, beset on all sides by underachievement, and don't have a first round draft pick. However, if we can't find some humour in life we'll go insane. So Chemmy came up with this idea and it just feels right to debut it against the Flyers. Hope you all enjoy it. 

Fights. Fights. Fights. It took a 4-0 lead Toronto some goonery by two worthless hockey players late in the game, but we finally got the truculence we were hyped into believing would happen tonight. The game was over, but Jay Rosehill and Colton Orr got their pay back for Dan Carcillo's throat slash last week by jumping Ole-Kristian Tollefsen from behind and giving a cheap elbow to Mike Richards.

- Leafs Goon It Up Late, Beat Flyers 4-0

The words: Live by the sword, die by the sword come to mind.
There would have been fights but the Flyers were checking their skate laces.

Oh, but the Flyers are goons. I'm sorry. Enjoy missing the playoffs for the next five years, d-bags. 

Payback, as they say, is a bitch.

Notice how they waited until they were comfortably ahead to fight. For a bunch of goons, I still question their manhood.

- doubleh

Ah yes, compared to the last meeting when the Flyers gooned it up when they were trailing 

Carcillo’s goal was better the Bozak’s…just saying.

- Parduno

Sure, I mean, Carcillo's was against the 29th ranked team while Bozak's was against a Stanley Cup 'contender'

Real leaf fans aren’t going to have a parade down Yonge street. The die hard leaf fans who know Im a flyers fan aren’t going to ‘throw it in my face’ as some have been on various threads. Thats cause the Leafs have been in a ‘rebuilding’ phase for decades.

- Gonzotatcics

Ah yes, the Flyers, last winners of the Stanley Cup and rebuilding since...1975. According to the Demographics of Philadelphia (wikipedia) 65.7% of the population is younger than 44 and probably doesn't remember the win anyway.

I don’t even care that the Leafs fans all came over here and had their fun. You know what? Let ‘em. It doesn’t matter. This is the most enjoyment they’ve had all year, and will probably have for the rest of the season.

Tonight was their Stanley Cup.

- Travis Hughes

At least we won our Stanley Cup not like the Flyers who were knocked out of the playoffs by the Penguins last year or this year since they're 1-2-1 against the successful neighbours.