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Leafs at Capitals

Puck Drop: 7PM TSN

Toskala earned a second start tonight after shutting the door on Philadelphia. Toskala also played very well the last time we played Washington, I've said it a million times but Toskala likes to get your hopes up before stabbing you in the heart and stealing your date so I'm expecting the worst.

Rickard Wallin and Jeff Finger remain scratches, I thought Exelby played a decent game last night (although so did everyone) so it looks like last night's lineup remains the same. I'm excited to see Tyler Bozak play again and I think Jay Rosehill brought a lot of speed and grit to the 4th line.

Mayers, Orr and Rosehill looked ready to hit, ready to bang and ready to dance out there; that'll look really good against a Washington team that doesn't like to drop the gloves.

The Leafs will be facing Jose Theodore who came in midway through the second period after Michael Neuvirth was pulled and was flawless the rest of the way. From DCCheapSeats on Twitter:

Wonder whether we'll be honored by the presence of @mlse & @felixpotvin (and friends) in our gameday thread tonight...giddy w/ anticipation!

Tonight will represent an odd break for our site, the Japers Rink commenters seem to like us and J.P. called us "the best team-centric blog on the internet" - which is funny because PPP and I feel the same way about them (the circlejerk starts in like twenty minutes meet us behind the warehouse), so we won't be trolling for hilarity like we have been all week. I think tonight feels like a FIRST PERIOD FIELD TRIP to see our District of Columbia friends, so be on your best behavior.

Don't forget your SPG picks and go Leafs go!

NOTE: If you want to participate in the field trip you need to be signed up now because Japers' has a 24 hour waiting period. J.P. has waived that requirement for tonight because he likes you people. If you have to wait e-mail me and I'll get your account set up. Also, best behaviour kids.