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Charity Game Thread 1: Leafs at Predators

Though we all suffer through long nights spent watching this team, let's not forget about people whose trouble is far greater than cheering for a sports team that can't win. If you ignored us all day we're donating six cents for every comment in our game day open threads today to the Red Cross' Haiti relief effort.

So far we've raised about $1,500 which will should hopefully help somebody out. You can still help out! Even if you're a college student you can probably fire off ten dollars (what you'd spend on two beers) to help people who lost everything. Here are some folks who contributed:

fergus30, Down Goes Brown, SkinnyFish, PPP, Anonymous and Handsome Chelsea Supporter and Therefore Better Than All Liverpool Supporters Ever, Blindfolded Tank Driver, Mattblack, Leafer1984, mf37, Loser Domi, other anonymous contributors.

If you're not on this list but are one of the Heroes don't worry because our epic recap thread will note everyone that's helped out.

Right here right now as the Leafs attempt to defeat the Predators (lol) we will attempt to get 10,000 comments on series of game day threads. Let's lay down some ground rules:

  • Our GDTs are pretty big normally and we should have some good support from St. Louis Game Time, Japers' Rink and others. Let's not spam the thread with garbage or use annoying gimmicks to up the post count. These threads are going to be big enough and fast enough without spam, honest.
  • If you're worried that we won't hit 10,000 comments I'll make Jared post 10,000 times on his own somewhere as punishment for us all having to read his comments every day.
  • NO IMAGES. NO GIFS. These threads are going to crush computers like eggshells.
  • Expect multiple threads per period.
  • Go Leafs go!

Press C to tab to new comments, Shift-C to tab backwards, X to mark as read, and Shift-A to mark all read.
The best: Z will simultaneously mark and tab forward, and R will reply to the comment that has focus.