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Maple Leafs at Predators: Operation Help Haiti Update

I was going to whip up a big game preview in honour of only the third ever visit of the Maple Leafs to Opryland but then Chris Burton put together this extensive and exhaustive preview. There really isn't anything to add to that other than to suggest that you check out his Five Questions with yours truly giving the Predators a little information about the team that's cause their media requests to go through the roof. Chris, being the southern gentleman that he is returned the favour so with a little clicking you can find out everything you've ever wanted to know about hockey in Nashville through the On the Forecheck archives.

However, the big story tonight is the PPP Charity Drive to help raise funds for the relief efforts in Haiti. We are going to test the robustness of the SBN servers tonight. So far, through some incredible generosity, we've got $1,510 donated/collected/pledged/challenged which translates to over 25K comments. That's damn impressive. Anything you can do to spread the word would be greatly appreciated. Here are three ways that you can donate:

  1. You can send me cash via e-mail money transfer at pensionplanpuppets at gmail dot com and I'll collect it to make a big donation on behalf of the group
  2. Donate directly to the Red Cross and let me know that you've done so and for how much and I'll add your name to the list of heroes.
  3. Comment in the game thread and spread the word. Down Goes Brown's ridiculously awesome donation is dependent on the number of comments made up to 10,000.

Thanks again to everyone that has helped bring this endeavour such a success!