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Leafs 4 Predators 3

If not for Pekka Rinne we would all be in much worse spirits. Rinne let in three laughers in the first ten minutes which took Nashville out of the game. Nashville would score one in the second and two in the third to tie it up after controlling play for more than 30 minutes before Phil Kessel fired a low shot under Dan Ellis to seal the deal 4-3.

This is our last Game Day Open Thread of the night, and when it hits 500 comments we'll have hit 10,000 overall and reached our goal of donating over $1,500 to Haiti. Thanks to everyone who donated, everyone who commented, everyone who dragged someone along to comment. It feels really good to pull together as a community and good off for a night for a good cause. I think you know what this calls for: GIF PARTY!