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The Morning After: Did everyone make it alive?

This pile of bison skulls represents visually the approximate number of comments we had last night.
This pile of bison skulls represents visually the approximate number of comments we had last night.

Well, last night was quite fun.  In fact, I commented so much that my husband got jealous and forbade me to comment past 8pm.  I had to appease him to be able to write today's FTB.  I think he would have felt better had I let him continue making comments under my name, but, well, there's only so much I can allow to be said in my name.  "Leafs sucks" was too far. 

Anyways, PPP will have a summary post about last night's festivities later this morning, but by all accounts it was highly successful.  Aside from the accidental banning of a few members that SBN decided were spam bots.  Hopefully, no computers exploded, and the SBN servers didn't fry. 

Good job doing some good for the world, Leaf fans (and respectful guests).

Links after the jump.

How The Cannon can help Haiti
The Cannon, the Columbus Bluejackets, is doing their own Haiti GDT starting tonight against the Flyers. Join in to support the cause!

No Leafs = No Eyeballs
Toronto Mike notices that having no Leafs on HNIC this week was bad for the CBC. Guess those people who hate being forced to watch the Leafs didn't bother watching without them.

Team Canada II: What If Canada Sent a Second Hockey Team?
Something we've tossed about here a few times: who would make a second hockey team for Canada at the Olympics?

To move aimlessly from place to place
Eyebeleaf hadn't posted in a week, so he came up with 17 interesting points. I think he's right on #4.

Brian Burke Can't Even Manage Expectations
MF37 doesn't believe anything that comes out of Brian Burke's mouth.

On the Cormier Hit and the Culture of Violence in Hockey
Not Leaf related, but otherwise an interesting commentary by Kent W. on the difference between aggressive hockey and malicious attacks.

Late Additions:

Leafs Squeak By
Steve looks at the Leafs' offensive punch, and our chances against Atlanta.

Reasonable Article Fail
The Other Vatican comes out of hibernation with some reflections on the new year.