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Toronto Maple Leafs Fans and Friends Raise Over $2,000...So Far!

PPP is the old dude on the right.
PPP is the old dude on the right.

To donate to the Canadian Red Cross CLICK HERE

To doate to the American Red Cross CLICK HERE

To donate to the NHL/UNICEF Initiative CLICK HERE

Take a look at that headline folks. Savour it. Yesterday, everyone who commented and donated helped us pull together a mighty impressive total (thus far) of $2,001 either already donated, collected, or pledged in just over 16 hours by the following people (these are the ones that let me know, if you do then let me know):

Stucky, Birky, Jrwendelman, El Monstruo, Loser Domi, MF37, BetterthanBester, Mattblack, Kim Jorn, Godd Till, Down Goes Brown, Fergus30, Leafer1984, Blindfolded Tank Driver, Pensblog, Cornelius Hardenbergh, SkinnyFish, 1967ers

How did this happen? Well, even the longest journey begins with one step or in this case with one very good idea from Silver Seven Sens and one determined Overlord:

10:06 AM Chemmy: We need to one up the Ottawa blog. We need to donate SIX CENTS for every comment in our GDT tonight

With that message on a sleepy Monday morning a whirlwind of events were put in motion. By the end of the morning Chemmy, SkinnyFish, and I had framework for our plan which boiled down to spam the heck out of Twitter. Something this big doesn't come together through the efforts of just three people. We got a lot of help! By lunch a gentleman known as "Anonymous and Handsome Chelsea Supporter and Therefore Better Than All Liverpool Supporters Ever" informed us that he would be making a $300 donation to the Red Cross for our efforts. A few minutes later came the bombshell that pushed the venture into overdrive: DGB was going to match the Barilkosphere's donation of $0.06 per comment up to 10,000 comments.

It was really a Twitter-led movement as, in addition to Chemmy, myself, and you fine folk, fellow puckheads Erin Nicks, Greg Wyshynski, James Mirtle, The Pensblog, Eric McErlain, Japers' RinkLeafspace Monika, and Steve Dangle helped spread the word. There were many others that helped and it was certainly instrumental in raisingawareness during the game as we picked up a ridiculous amount of momentum as fans from across the spectrum dropped in to help us reach our goal. Guests came from St. Louis Game Time, Japers Rink, Second City Hockey, Silver Seven Sens, Nucks Misconduct, Fear The Fin, The Battle of California, Jewels from the Crown, and many other corners of SBN and the internet. We even got a pledge to donate from the Pensblog during the game to match what we had collected up to that point!

We had seventy people join the site today and a large number of those look to be Leafs fans that just found the site or were lurkers coming into the light. I hope that you guys stick around and if you're around you might as well jump into the fray today and introduce yourself!

It was great to see people of such varied backgrounds come together to put their internet goofing around to good use in helping people that are facing serious challenges. It's certainly food for thought about how you can help out those less fortunate. This was definitely at the easy end of the scale but I'd encourage you to see what other options are available locally as well. There are a lot of great options that require only a small time commitment but can make a world of difference.

After the jump, are the full details on who participated, final comment count, and two special offers:

Final Post Count: 10342 comments

There are two websites that were inspired to donate parts of the proceeds of the sales of their goods:

  • Likely's will be giving $2 from the sale of each What Would Wendel Do? shirt to the Canadian Red Cross until January 25th.
  • twoeightnine design will be donating 50% of the profits from the sale of each Truculence shirt until the end of the week.

Re-Live The Insanity:

Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3, Thread 4, Thread 5, Thread 6, Thread 7, Thread 8, Thread 9, Thread 10


210 people stopped by and made at least one comment thereby helping us reach our goal and ensuring that DGB's generosity did not go to waste. Thanks to each and every one of you


1967ers Jo4nny
49er16 John Fischer
A Kadri of Talent JohnnyG
aagoodfella joshjoshjosh
Aditya T (smashville) Joshtech
Almo89 jrwendelman
ang6666 Karina
Angst vorm Nichts Kats Hockey
Anne-Marie Kavel Pubina
Another Good Kingston Boy Kent K
Archimedies Kent Wilson
Art_M Kerry Fraser
article1 kidkawartha
averagejoe Kim Jorn
balancingact Knee high to a duck
BanginPanger KofC
Baroque koopa kid
Becca H laser358
Belligerent Burkie Leaf in Habland
Bieser LeafBoy
birky leafer1984
bkblades LeafFanInVan
blindfolded tank driver libour
Blinky Likely
BluesFanFromNE looshV
blurr1974 lordosis
BonesCorner loser domi
boutros23 luvhockey
Brad Ackerson Mark Parisi
Brad Lee Maverides
Brad_Richards_Rocks mf37
BReynolds Mike @ MHH
Brunswick Bruiser Mike Martin
Buds'n'Syrup Mike Pelyk's Hairdo
canucklehead666 MikhailGrabovski
CapitalCentre missy
Capsfan07 Mizzo
Carnie mserven
Casusby my son has a choice
cdick133 mymclife
Chemmy namshite
chillin411 nhlcheapshot
Clawson Niesy
clrkaitken noamzs
Connie Kim not norm ullman
Cornelius Hardenbergh OdinMercer
CP2Devil ohshrit
CrossCheckRaise OMGWTFTML
CTGray Ovechwin
daoust PassivelyTruculent
davemoase Pat Verbeek
DingDongCareyPrice Peter de Chatham
djstml PeterR
DodgerBlueBalls pevans
Dominik PPP
Donut King PPPP
Down Goes Brown psamms
dpatrickgray Pyramid Power
Duster Rather Bengt
eightyseven ReasonableDoubt
El Monstruo RedBirdie
Elfremi Rock Outta SoCal
endwithstyle Ron Guillet
fat_daddyo Sarnia Leaf fan
fedorovcrunch Sasky
Fehr and Balanced Saugus
FenixL Say *plan the parade one more time*...
Fergus30 sebastiancp1
Fleet Fox SensDew19
Frag ShahofToronto
FutureMrStronach simpson316
galaxysong9 Skijumper
galaxysong9 SkinnyFish
GarrettBauman somny
general borschevsky Space Weed
Godd Till sparrow13
Golden Gopher sprdelfin
Greener Steve Lepore
Grrrreg steve_w
Hansmoleman stucky
Hanzi stucky
Harold Ballard stufflife
hawksfan21 termin8r199
hildymac the cat
hockeyhead The Meatriarchy
HockeyJoe The Universal Cynic
hsaffs TheDeek
Huey2k2 Theodore
hulkamaniaz thesystm
Icion Tmlfanfury
Its Cold In Here TorontoMapleLeafs
J.P. twoeightnine
JaredFromLondon UnleashFurry
Jay32600 Van Ryn's Neurologist
JayLo Biafra Von Lincoln
jennbikegirl Whiter Mage
jennyquarx WhiteSpeedReceiver
jerem77 Winkle_2.0
JFein wrap around curl
Jibblescribbits wrap around curl
JippyCorp yyzsportsmedia
jlahey zekebud
J-Mill zephyr