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Leafs at Flames

Puck Drop: 7PM ET CBC

The Leafs travel to Calgary today to play the Flames (23-12-5, won three in a row) in what promises to be a complete shitshow. Tonight we'll see the return of handsome Swedes Viktor Stålberg and a Jonas Gustavsson start. Gustavsson comes in to tonight's action with a .905 save percentage compared to Toskala's 0.869.

In 21 starts Gustavsson is 7-6-7 (20 decisions), which doesn't count the game against Montreal that MacDonald won after Gustavsson left, meaning in games the Monster started the Leafs have gained 23 points in 21 games. That's on pace for 89 points which sounds horrible but would probably be enough for the playoffs in this year's Eastern Conference.

Toskala has 20 starts and is 6-8-2 (16 decisions). The first thing to note is that Toskala doesn't finish one in five games he plays. The second thing to note is that in 20 games Toskala has grabbed 14 points, on pace for 57. Brutal.

Don't forget your SPG picks, and go Leafs go. Let's get revenge for the 5-2 loss in November.