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Maple Leafs 3 at Thrashers 4

The Toronto Maple Leafs raced out to a two goal lead on the back of Alexei Ponikarovsky remembering that he is big and fast and when he drives to the net he can't be stopped. Sadly, they blew the lead before watching Ilya Kovalchuk pot the winner on a patented Squeeze Through Toskala Somehow shot. So the Leafs are 1-1 so far on what Chemmy termed the Empty Arenas Tour 2010. That's not as good as Sherman but still better than expected so far.

As for some interesting notes, check out the links below. Last night Beauchemin and Gunnarsson were seemingly catalysts for the Leafs' territorial advantage. In fact, only two Leafs were negative: Garnet Exelby and Jamal Mayers. This segues perfectly into the only thing I heard about the game last night. When I popped on AM640 and listened to Andy Frost and someone I can only assume was related to Mayers talking about how underrated he was and how he should be made captain because that would really change things and I was stunned at first and then I realised it was the radio. As an aside to that insanity, MC79Hockey looked at the very worst players at taking more penalties than they draw and guess who made the list? Jamal Mayers. The 3rd round pick that went to St. Louis was meant to get veteran leadership, a player that could kill penalties, and some sandpaper. Sadly, none of that has been apparent to anyone besides Andy Frost and his insane friend for more than a brief flash. And then I realised I could turn off the radio and my blood pressure returned to normal. 

Also, Luke Schenn was a +1 with three hits. Hooray!

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