Top 10 Most Hated Active NHL Players

This list about the most hated NHL players is only about active players, that’s why some notable retired guys like Claude Lemieux, Ulf Samuelsson, Jeremy Roenick, Marty McSorley, Ulf Samuelsson, Darius Kasparaitis and Chris Simon are not included in the list.

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#10 Steve Ott
Steve Ott is a pesky player and a shit disturber. His job is to get under your skin and he is very good at doing it, but there’s a fine line between being a pest and being a scumbag. Steve Ott charges, hits high and gouges eyes. As with most pests nowadays, he only drops mitts against smaller players and turtles a la Claude Lemieux when he is confronted by a heavyweight.

Certified stupid moment:

Steve Ott charging Gregory Campbell

#9 Maxim Lapierre
One of the biggest yapper of them all, Maxim Lapierre is not the kind of player who plays dirty, but he is always in your face trying to push you to the max without ever dropping his gloves. And when he decides to drop them it’s against players like PJ Axelsson, Brian Lee and Petr Prucha.

Certified stupid moment:
Maxim Lapierre dropping his gloves, but not fighting.

#8 Mike Ribeiro
Sure Mike Ribeiro is a very hockey player with nice hockey skills, but he’s also the biggest diver in the league. Some people also remember when Ribeiro slashed Chris Osgood into the chest back in 2008 for no apparent reason. Ribeiro is one of the biggest talkers on the ice, but he never drops the gloves to settle things up. Ribs is a total disgrace to the game.

Certified stupid moment:

Mike Ribeiro faking an injury against the Bruins.

#7 Darcy Tucker
Now with the Avalance, Darcy Tucker is a cheap shot master, taking every opportunity he has to injure the opposing playert. Tucker doesn’t drop the gloves often since the Maple Leafs days and he is also a well-known turtler. But to be fair, once in a while Tucker is willing to fight players that do not usually fight like recently, when he fought Carolina Tuomo Ruutu and Montreal Josh Gorges.

Certified stupid moment:

Darcy Tucker destroys former Flyer Sami Kapanen.

#6 Chris Pronger
Captain Elbows, now playing for the Flyers, doesn’t have eight suspensions to his name for being a clean player. When Mount Pronger erupts, he doesn’t just use his elbows and he will use cheap shots, kicks and even stomps to make sure he gets his annual suspension from the NHL.

Certified stupid moment:

Chris Pronger trying to slice Ryan Kesler’s leg.

#5 Alex Burrows
From pulling hair in a fight to faking an injury to draw a penalty, this guy is a marked man in the NHL. And with what happened last week between Alex Burrows and referee Stephane Auger, Burrows has now many enemies among players as well as referees.

Certified stupid moment:

Hair pulling commences at the 1:23 mark.

#4 Jarko Ruutu
Tuomo Ruutu’s brother Jarko, is also a pesky forward know for his tendencies to talk a lot on the ice. And once in a while when Ruutu is tired of talking he bites. A cheap shot artist, Ruutu at least can drop the gloves and defend himself compared to yappers like Lapierre and Ribeiro.

Certified stupid moment:

Jarko Ruutu biting Sabres Andrew Peters.

#3 Jordin Tootoo
The #1 cheap shot artist, Tootoo has always been an agitator even when he was playing junior hockey in Canada. Tootoo likes to charge his opponents, to hurt them and to hit them blindsided. He has been suspended more than once for his conduct on the ice.

Certified stupid moment:

Jordin Tootoo sucker punches Dallas Stephane Robidas.

#2 Chris Neil
One of the most despised player in the league, Neil’s job is to get under the opponent’s skin and he’s fairly good at it. Known for his cheap shots, Neil also likes to drop the gloves and have a good scrap. He doesn’t mind fighting smaller opponents or even tough guys like Donald Brashear or Andrew Peters. However, his opponents must have their head up when he is on the ice because Neil’s elbows have a tendency to get very high and nasty.

Certified stupid moment:

Chris Neil blindsiding Buffalo Chris Drury

#1 Sean Avery
Sean Avery’s erratic behavior has made him the most hated player in the NHL. He is hated both by the fans and the other players. Avery is arrogant, and does not think things through. From his Sloppy Seconds remark about Dion Phaneuf to his turtling and diving and his insults about French Canadians, his goal seems to become the NHL’s villain and he reached his goal admirably. Avery would be more suited for a role in Hollywood than in the NHL. Avery even made a cameo appearance in the Rocket (movie about Maurice Richard) as former NHLer Barry Dill.

Certified stupid moment:

Sean Avery trying to screen Martin Brodeur.

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