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It's National Compliment Day! You're Awesome!

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Today is Sunday, January 24th and it's National Compliment Day in the United States.  Seeing as how the US and Canada are good friends, I figure it can be National Compliment Day in Canada as well. So on with some compliments.

Brian Burke - You're really good at building a playoff caliber team.

Ron Wilson - You're among the best special teams coaches in the NHL.

Vesa Toskala - Kids across the world hope to one day be as good at goalie as you are.

Phil Kessel - The great orators of our day pale in comparison to your mastery of the spoken word.

Jason Blake - Where can I get a great tan like yours?

Rickard Wallin - Where did you get those silky smooth hands?

Tomas Kaberle - No better shot from the point in the game.

That's all the compliments I have for now. Look for part two of this series on March 27th, National Opposite Day!

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