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Pelting you with Snowballs and Maple Leaf Related Links

For today's FTB intro I want to pass along a story that PPP nation member JaredfromLondon left in Sunday's Chatty Cathy. It is hilarious.

So I'm driving home from Pizza Hut, coming along a highschool on the right side of the road, when suddenly from the treeline surrounding the school comes a flurry of snowballs. Two or three hit my car but I don't get a look at the offender. So I turn around and drive down the other side of the road, same thing, but this time I pinpoint the location in the trees where the snowballs are coming from.
 I drive around the block pull into the school parking lot, pull my work winter boots and heavy jacket out of the trunk, grab some gloves and my touque and slink up to the treeline from behind in the dark. I get close enough and I see three kids, 15, maybe 17 years old giggling and throwing snowballs at a passing car.
I make 10 or so snowballs.
As the next car passes, they all stand up and start heaving; then I open fire. I drill these kids good in the back two or three times each. They get confused and start yelling and swearing as I duck behind some brush. They hadn't seen me or where I threw from. I make one more snowball and I hear them start to walk out. I peek out and see that they aren't looking at me but are maybe 20 feet away, and I just gun my final snowball and hit the fattest one right in the center of his back, he screams and they all run.

(Edited extensively for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.)

Do not mess with Jared's car.

Hit me with them snowballs links!

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Morning latecomers:

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