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Elliotte Friedman: Tim Thomas to Toronto?

"30 Thoughts" by the CBC's Elliotte Friedman is a blog post I genuinely look forward to on a weekly basis, much like Big Daddy Drew's Dick Joke Jambaroo. Friedman is a respectable and credible source, and in this week's column he writes:

The Maple Leafs say they will take an ugly contract if the rest of the booty is worth it. Philly (a prime candidate) does not have a first-round draft pick. He’s got to get either a first-rounder or a high-end prospect to make sense. You know who’d make sense – and I STRESS I’m guessing here, too – is Tim Thomas, but he’s got a no-trade for the first three years of his contract.

First things first, people have pointed out that every year pundits and scribes say "Team X will take a bad contract to get a first round pick" and the closest thing that has happened in that vein was Toronto taking a fourth round pick from Tampa in exchange for bad contracts.

Tim Thomas has a .914 save percentage and three years remaining on his contract with a cap hit of $5M. He's a clear upgrade in net for Toronto. Much like the Nylander situation in Washington I don't think the Leafs are talented enough to say that they don't have room for Nylander or Thomas. Echoing the Nylander situation though you have to imagine the Bruins would be crazy to move a decent goalie so soon after re-signing him.

Your question of the day then is did Brian Burke hack into Elliotte Friedman's CBC account to convince the Bruins to give us a good player and a pick somehow? What other explanation is there for this article?