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Finally! PPP returns to Hockee Night's Puckcast

This guy was Forklift and CT's inspiration.
This guy was Forklift and CT's inspiration.

The always welcoming Forklift and CT from Hockee Night once again had me on their Puckcast despite the fact that inviting Leafs fans on their show is akin to cursing your family. Down Goes Brown was supposed to show up but he had responsibilities so he was predictably grilled for it. Also receiving friendly digs were Puck Daddy, Chris Block, the Russian (and Italian!) mafias, and Vesa Toskala. Just kidding, there was nothing friendly about the ripping Toskala took.

Along the way we talk about pranks, pissing, poker, and other alliterative topics.  You're going to need a roadmap to follow the conversation and it's more Blackhawks than Maple Leafs which is probably why it's been called the "feel good podcast of Monday January 25th*". We laugh at how ESPN Insiders are paying for our analysis and how fans can help their teams by starting well thought out rumours.

Here are the links that you need because you won't make it to the 1:45 mark: