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I'm a pretty big deal

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I need this t-shirt.  'Cause I am.  via <a href=""></a>
I need this t-shirt. 'Cause I am. via

So yesterday was a bit of a significant day for us here at Pension Plan Puppets dot com, as it saw Elliotte Friedman responding to Chemmy's post about his proposed trade that would see Tim Thomas don the blue and white.  As PPP said on twitter, "We're legitimate."  Don't worry though, we won't get all high and mighty around here just because we've been officially recognized by one MSM member (who doesn't suck).  I'm here to balance it all out.  Greg Brady of AM640 has decided I'm stupid, and used my absence from the country this weekend to get in a jab at me.  I'd link his comment on twitter except I'd rather we all just ignore his existence so maybe he'd go away.  So just as one MSM member gives us credit by showing up and commenting, another claims I'm stupid.  What does that mean, though, when an MSM media member makes a low-brow sarcastic comment about your intelligence?  Well, I decided that it means that I have legitimacy as well.  I mean, who'd bother insulting some random person on the internet a month after you had a spat?  Indeed, this has been a momentous few days for us here at PPP.  Welcome to the new era.

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