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Five Questions with Jewels From The Crown

The Maple Leafs host a team that has a pretty serious place in the mythology of any fan of the blue and white of a certain age but we won't get into it. What we will do is welcome the final piece to the SBN Hockey Megaverse Jewels From The Crown. RudyKelly felt choked about having his own Veronica Corningstone but screw him. He did offer Mirtle some help on how to cover the Kings game so he's not all bad.

Anyway, as a way of introducing the new blog, here's a set of five questions to help you get to know her and the Kings which is one more young team that has stunk for a long time and is a 'roadmap' for the Leafs. Oh, and if you thought the Tyler Myers talk was bad...wait until Doughnuts hits the ice.

1. What's the deal with that whole Jack Johnson/Dean Lombardi thing? Deano comes off as a jerk with his backtracking but what do you think? 

The Jack Johnson/Dean Lombardi situation was a WHOLE bunch of miscommunication resulting in the first ever case of He Said/He Said/She Said/He Said. Lombardi made what he thought were innocent and fair comments about Jack Johnson's school which ping-ponged their way back to him. Johnson hears the comments out of context, reacts emotionally, and bites back at his boss out of loyalty to his alma mater. Weird. Everyone has taken a step back now, but no one has come away looking all that good. As a final note: a lot of commentors are calling the publisher of the interview a "blogger" or an "amateur." Both are incorrect. He is a journalist who's been following the Kings for 15 years. Lombardi should have saved everyone some hassle and just told him he was off the record.

More with Connie after the jump.

2. Drew Doughty is awesome. We'll agree to that. But do you guys still call him "doughnuts"? Because that's a pretty good nickname.

Boy do we love Drew Doughty. I thought "Doughnuts" was hilarious, but apparently he wanted to get away from that name (or something close to that explanation) because he was in the slimming down mindset. For all those who don't know, Doughty lost approximately 24 pounds between the end of his junior career with Guelph and the day he was drafted by the Kings. Don't forget, Kings fans aren't saying, "Booooooooo," they're saying "Drewwwwwwww."

3. You're new to SBN. What should we know about your new site aside from no swearing (booooooooooo!)?

Well, you should know because I love you, Chemmy, Greener, and the Leafs, I'll never ever ever ever mention 1993.

4. Are the Kings going to make any moves at the deadline or just stick with what you've got?

From what I've heard (Lombardi quotes and morning coffee breaks with Ron Hextall), the Kings will not be making a move at the deadline to get a big name player just as a rental for the playoffs. Yeah, the cupboard is full, but a huge run isn't in the cards for another season, at least. That being said, I could see Alexander Frolov playing in different colors at the end of the season.

5. Which Kings are struggling? (ie which ones are going to kill the Leafs?)

Struggling Kings won't kill the Leafs; struggling Kings will kill themselves. But a few notables are on the back end with a forward or two in the mix. I watch every Leafs game and one thing I've noticed is that boys from the GTA love to come home and go goal crazy in front of every member of their family. With that in mind, Scarborough boy Wayne Simmonds works his ass off every game and is just looking for yet another reason to make his dad Cyril proud.

Who is going to kill the Leafs? Drewwwwwwwwwwww!