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King Me, Baby


The Leafs play the Kings tonight. Really the only sage advice I can offer is: before the game, go to Burger King and acquire the Funnel Cake Sticks. I am in no way, shape or form being paid by BK. But I can tell you, the Funnel Cake Sticks are so legit. It's like fair food in your mouth! I drift away thinking of happy memories of carnivals with giant, fluffy happy pillows of cotton candy. Rows upon rows of skeeball. And bubbly kiddos carrying gi-hugic stuffed animals.

What's that? You hate all good things in this world? Well go to BK anyways and get some onion rings WITH the onion sauce. That is crucial. Or fries and ranch. I'm not going to tell you what entree to get. But I can help you with your sides.

Leafs. Kings. Hockey.

But really, I'm more interested in food.

SPG here.

Keep it cute or put it on mute. This is your first period game thread.