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Food for thought?

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Yum, yum, breakfast.  And dinner.  via <a href=""></a>
Yum, yum, breakfast. And dinner. via

With our trip down to Bellevue this past weekend, the husband and I didn't do our weekly grocery shopping last week.  As it's now Thursday, there is a dearth of food in our house.  However, one important thing that we had to buy while in the States was a lot of cereal.  Three boxes of it.  First, we had to get Fruity Pebbles, then there were Cocoa Pebbles, and finally the best, Cookie Crisp.  So twice already this week, my dinner has been Cookie Crisp.  So if my brain isn't functioning as well as normally, it's possibly because I've been eating way more sugar than usual.  But they sure are yummy.


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