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Coffee and TV

Perhaps for us it is beer and hockey.

The Leafs take on Free Willy tonight. Be careful googling that because it can turn rather not safe for work quickly.

January is slipping away and the first month of 2010 has been rough on the fans, but you stick it out. With minimal complaints. Because you know I will cut you otherwise. We will head into February waiting for the return of the super foxy Mike Komisarek. Did you know Valentine's Day Easter is coming up? I saw Cadbury Eggs in the store and wanted to buy 30 of them. I resisted.

Do those fly SPG picks here.

Keep it cute or put it on mute.


Click here for the music because it won't allow embed.

This thread has no theme. Cold medicine does that to a person.

PS, I read on ONTD that the CW is going to bring back La Femme NIkita. SCORE!