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PPP Promotional Prize Pool


It's that time of year; contest time at PPP. Last time out I believe LeafFanInVan won a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, and Godd Till has won all sorts of gag gifts ranging from fifty Zimbabwean dollars to [gag gift I still haven't sent him because I'm lazy]. Fear not though, in this contest I won't be shipping the prizes so they'll show up on time.

This year we're happy to announce that one of our users, Likely, has opened up a tshirt store selling hockey related tshirts. Likely is responsible for the Hackey Night shirts that a bunch of people here ordered and received this week. I got mine on Wednesday and unlike places like Zazzle or Cafe Press that just print your image on a shirt as crappily as possible the Hackey Night shirt is professionally made and printed so it will last a lot longer.

Likely's store is called Pucking Hilarious and the contest is thus: you have until 11:59PM ET on Monday January 11th to submit a new design for PH's tshirts. We'll pick our three favorites and each of those people will get a PH tshirt of their choice for free. If PH likes the design enough maybe you'll even see it sold in the future!


You'll get to choose from any of their four current designs in either a girlie, ringer, or regular-ass tshirt. Hoodies are excluded from the freebie deal. Their current designs are:


Your choice of the Ovechkin, Sad Habs, Swingers NHL94 or Hackey Night tshirts

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is a contest among friends. If you want to be paid for your tshirt designs this isn't the contest for you. If you're planning on making a big stink over not winning a $20 tshirt please refrain from entering. Basically we're probably violating tons of laws so try and be cool, ok?

Full disclosure: In exchange for this contest Pucking Hilarious has offered PPP and I each a free tshirt. That said PPP and I wouldn't shill to you guys (our users) for a tshirt unless we liked the shirts on their own merits. Likely wanted some promotion and we thought you guys would be receptive to some free shirts.