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Help Wanted

After an excellent run, the incomparable Blurr has had to hang up his Google Reader. However, where one might weep for the loss of our California Correspondent (I know I do) the rest of you should see an opportunity. That's right, PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries is on the lookout for new blood.

Us: The Leafs blogging juggernaut intent on destroying all comers continuing the programming that you folks enjoy.

You: A young (or not) blogging ingenue looking for your big break into the industry.

Pay: You will not be charged for this privilege.

In all seriousness, if you are interested in joining the team here send me an e-mail sooner rather than later.

Onto links and fun stuff.

First up, whining Habs fans! Here's Dave Stubbs outlining their latest conspiracy theory:

Burke would choose a Canadien over his dead body simply for his having been nearly booed out of the Bell Centre last June at the NHL entry draft. A Size XL ego who is loved or loathed with no grey area beyond his snowy scalp, Burke immediately claimed that he didn't take the podium abuse personally. 

- Dave Stubbs, The Montreal Gazette

Too bad they couldn't vote for Team USA's players. Then Mike Komisarek would be on the team. Amirite? Oh, he is? Nice. Eat it Habbies.