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Tuukka Rask Will Make Me Weep For Years

2009 - Tuukka Rask 16 942 10 3 29 1.85 448 419 .935 2

 You thought that things were gloomy before? You know how Ryan Miller is all that kills the Maple Leafs in a greasy package?

2009 - Ryan Miller 35 2052 23 8 69 2.02 1052 983 .934 5

Well take Ryan Miller, make him better, toss in a dash of "drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs" and prepare to projectile vomit. There's a nice way to start off your day.

Why so angry? I had to have a burger without ketchup. KETCHUP! That makes me very angry. Onto the links in a new format as I try out a SBN tool I have never used before.

First up, some housekeeping:

PPP Promotional Prize Pool - Pension Plan Puppets
Hey! That's us! There are some good entries already but lots of room to swoop in and win a shirt.

Free Hockey Tee Shirts from Pucking Hilarious (Comment to Win) | Toronto Mike's Blog
This is the easiest contest ever.

Help Wanted - Pension Plan Puppets
Us again. We're looking for help so if you are interested jump in and we'll figure out how we're going to figure this out eventually.

just your usual general borschevsky: Top-Six Troubles, The Monster's Making Progress, And Burke Goes Out To Lunch
The General returns to look at the real cause behind the Leafs' offensive woes.

Puck Daddy - Burke on U.S.: 'There isn't going to be penny bet on us' to win
He's right. Especially after that team he picked. And the coach? Useless. Worst GM or Worstest GM? (Just getting ready for the Olympics)

Vintage Leafs: Wendel vs the Nordiques
Among many shots here is one of Wendel putting Leaf fans one shot closer to having one less unsuccessful Canadian fanbase to deal with on a daily basis.

Injuries Breed Opportunities : Maple Leafs Hot Stove
A good friend and I have frequently joked that the water in Toronto is cursed. Reading about how each team is devastated by injuries confirms that belief.

Far Away Leaf: Maple Leafs New Years Report
Hyaena is looking for some bright spots from the past two weeks and he's looking down a few levels to find it.

Posted Sports - Leafs' Wilson betting on U.S. to beat Canadian juniors
Ron Wilson is probably going to pull a gun on his Swedish players if he doesn't get paid. Or he wwill do this

Phil Kessel Must Show His Worth Again | The Hockey Writers
If someone were to find out how often other high-scoring forwards went through similar droughts I'd give them a hearty handshake because these kinds of articles are going to be the death of me.