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Thanks Mr. Gustavsson!

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Hey, look, links! Add any I missed into the comments.

Down Goes Brown: The other Toronto Maple Leaf training camp letters
Dear God DGB does it again. The Cliff Fletcher letter is so damn angry I love it. And I can't even begin to describe the last letter. You'll have to read it to appreciate it.

Canada 5, USA 6 | Toronto Mike's Blog
Mike comes across one great omen from last night's game that never ever happened and it can be summed up in one word...PLAYOFFS!!!1

Devereaux recovering from broken neck - The Globe and Mail
Holy crap! A. didn't know he played in the Spengler Cup and B. A broken neck? again!? Poor guy. Get well soon Boyd! Thanks for Kadri.

The top 30 future locations for NHL Winter Classic games - Puck Daddy
What won't the United States co-opt (every good thing on TV) and try to make their own while completely re-writing history (U-571)? Nothing. That's what.

Leafs' alumni make up for losing club | Toronto Sun
How about some good news about the Maple Leafs? Is that something that would interest you? Well then click this link.

Dry Spells | The Maple Leafs Outsider
Pamplemousse looks at Phil Kessel's season and, shock of shocks, his dry spell is in no way out of the ordinary for players of his calibre.