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Liars Prosper

I like seeing when coaches progress up the ranks. When they go from a small school to a big school to the pros it's like following a player's career. However, when those college coaches think that they are hot shit I love nothing more than seeing them fall flat on their faces. Rick Pitino coming apart for the Celtics and Coach K being too afraid to go pro made me laugh. Sadly, sometimes they head back to lick their wounds and get back on top. One guy who did it in an incredibly oily way was Nick Saban. Last night, his deception was rewarded after Satan injured Colt McCoy. On the bright side, I am sure Saban is too narcissistic to have ever given his soul to his wife so he won't have an out when Beelzebub comes to collect. Onto the links! NHL Midseason Awards - SB Nation
Voting took place on the site's NHL page and awards were handed out. Any thoughts on them? Who got Alomar'd?

Gare Joyce: My concussion confession
This is old but MF37 passed along this story by Gare Joyce about friend of the blog and 2002 playoffs hero Alyn McCauley and concussions.

Jonas Gustavsson is Swedish for...- Fallen Leafs
Look, I'm not one to advocate chemically sterilising anyone but...where can I find this dimwit?

Die Hard Blue And White: Prospecting
Numbers? Huh?

Leafs Stink Up Philly - budBlog
Man, if Don Cherry thinks you're an idiot you are doomed.

Hungry Leafs Fan | Mid-season report cards
For all of the talk about needing a captain there sure are a lot of Cs on this report.

Damien Is So Right | Toronto Sports Media Blog
Wow. Did you know that a best-on-best tournament final is much better than a random mid-season game in the NHL? Wonder if maybe, oh I don't know, the stakes might play a factor in that one?

The Spin | The Hypocritical Coach
I'll spell it out for you Damo: Ron Wilson complaining about the media reporting what he said during practice does not make his observation that reporters don't (or more likely can't) report anything tactical from practice hypocritical. In fact, considering how you tried to tag Burke the same way I think you might be advised to pick up a dictionary.

Sam Donnellon: Hockey should share wealth, like baseball
NHL Agent Allan Walsh (@walsha) was trying to suggest this on twitter. Yeah, it'll be good for a few teams (LEAFS!!!1) and, of course, agents but it'll be horrible for the league.

Paternity FAIL | Toronto Mike's Blog
This just made me laugh/fear for the life of the woman if that caption is correct.

KuklasKorner : No Goal or Was It?
It's been so long since we've had an "intent to blow" debacle. Here's another reason to change the rule.

Ron Wilson Should Stick A Sock In It! | Toronto Sports Media Blog
"Did you know that Phil Kessel doesn't even like hackey? It's true." - What is Wilson supposed to do if he can't coach a practice without wondering who is going to snitch?