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Friday's Alright for Links

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Brian Burke and the "I" in team

VLM takes a look at Burke's apparent egotism.

Win number 3 made some interesting stats

budblog knows Clarke MacArthur is the true league leader in goals.

MS Paint is the best computer tool for use in gloating

Fallen Leafs know this.

MacArthur has some big goals after a tough summer

4 goals, 5 points in 3 games makes it look like he's on track.

Game in 10 - Game 3

It's like the Game in Six, only with bullet points instead of minutes.

More links after the jump.

MLHS has some early observations on the team

Just some bits and pieces here and there.

The Leafs and Devils rumors are bordering insanity

Amen to that brother.

Every time we hit the parking lot, we turn heads

Leafs are off to a hot start, but can they keep spinning?

Even with a good start, Burke says he has more work to do

Hopefully he doesn't overdo it screw up team chemistry.

Slava Duris with scoring chances from game 3

And no, no there weren't a lot of them.

37 days.

YM found that win tomorrow and the Leafs will be 37 days ahead of last season.

Disclaimer to those who may read this: Sometimes we use sarcasm on this site. Please read between the lines.