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Hitting The Poll

"Free hugs! Get your free hugs!"
"Free hugs! Get your free hugs!"

It's Monday morning which means two things: that it's time to head to the polls and vote in the Fan Confidence Poll. Last week's tally was 73 which gives us a run of 64-68-66-60-61-66-73 since the inception of the poll. I imagine that spirits are pretty high so this is a reminder that what we're trying to track is your thoughts on the following: 

How likely are the Leafs to make the playoffs?

So what happened over the past week? 

  1. 1967ers announced this year's Leaf of the Day tribute team: the 1930s and 1940s Maple Leafs starting with Bud Poile.
  2. The Leafs continued their hot streak in Pittsburgh where they held on to a 4-3 win despite being mostly outplayed. Three wins in a row to start the season proved to be too much to take for some people.
  3. Chemmy trolled Habs fans pretty hard and they fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Only one was able to point out that the 'streak' only encompassed two starts.
  4. SkinnyFish looked at the league by the numbers which made for a fun day of arguing over the semantics of calling professional athletes 'fat'.*
  5. One of the important season series for the Leafs will be against the Rangers. Steve set the stage for the trio of early season meetings.
  6. The Leafs took a read and decided that it made sense for them to keep up their winning ways. Of course, we all should continue to enjoy our run while maintaining a level head.
So that's the week that was. Be sure to vote based on the question above. A nice note from Chemmy's recap: The Leafs' took 21 games last year to win 4 times. Twenty-one. Dear God, that's a lot. Also, if you have not 'liked' our new Facebook page then you should do so right now.
*This clearly doesn't apply to Kyle Wellwood.