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One for the road

I wish I could say that tonight's game is about payback or sending a message or proving somebody wrong. But it's not. Tonight's match-up with the Detroit Red Wings is a tune-up; nothing more. The Leafs will ice what is projected to be their opening night line-up (minus Hanson), while Detroit will go with a toned down one compared to the previous game.

Interesting note: Last season saw the Leafs ice their full line-up in their last of nine preseason games. They lost to Buffalo and then had three days off to prepare for Montreal. This season the Leafs have an extra day off. Let's hope it makes a difference. Check PPP's game preview for the full lines and GO LEAFS GO.

Considering tonight's game is the end of the preseason which leads to the beginning of the regular season, I thought this song was appropriate.

Remember folks: Keep the language in check. Mike Komisarek knows where you live. (And no ladies, he won't be stopping by for that reason)