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Point Streak Ends - Games Played Streak Continues

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Brett Lebda playing "defense"
Brett Lebda playing "defense"

Well the Leafs finally lost a game in regulation last night with a lackadaisical effort against an understaffed Rangers team. Even so, the Leafs gave up a season high 32 shots on net after averaging only 23 the previous 5 games. Equally troubling, the Leafs went 0 for 5 on the powerplay dropping their short-season average to 14.3%; only 0.3% higher than it was for all of last season when it was ranked dead last. There are a lot of questions surrounding this team now and the biggest one of all is whether or not the 4-0 start was merely a flash in the pan and not a good indication of the actual talent assembled on the ice.

Only time and the links below will tell.

Mike Milbury's Power Rankings

#2 - Black Bears on the golf course

Bozak benched in 3rd period of last night's loss

Wilson not hesitant to bench anyone

Game 6 in 10

Zero for Five on the powerplay - That's why they lost.

Bill Daly has no interest in changing the head shot rule

This is not going to go over well with many

"Secondary scoring"

VLM says to get ready to have this jabbered incessantly by the media over the next two days

At least Gustavsson didn't suck

Yakov Mironov points out the only bright spot from yesterday's game.

Scoring Chances for Game 6

No surprise, Slava Duris finds that the Leafs got out chanced

Also, I got to listen in a bit on the next installment of the PPP Podcast and the consensus amongst the boys is that Brett Lebda is a terrible hockey player; one that I wholeheartedly agree with.